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July 17, 2016 Special Message


A Special Message to our Clients

July 17, 2016


Last Friday, July 15th, we were informed that the Financial Regulatory Authority, known as FINRA, temporarily suspended the operations of Fairbridge Capital Markets (FCM), due to a delay in the delivery of FCM's 2015 audited financial statements.

Consultiva Internacional, Inc. (CI), your Investment Adviser, has a collaborative relationship with FCM. FCM acts as correspondent and conduit to First Clearing/Wells Fargo, for those Accounts held there on your behalf.

CI and FCM are separate corporate entities, with independent operation. FINRA's determination regarding FCM has no bearing on the operations of CI. Nor should your Accounts at First Clearing/Wells Fargo be affected, as all Accounts under their custody are fully insured.

During this period of temporary suspension, certain transactions will require your direct contact with First Clearing/Wells Fargo. Specifically, any orders to sell securities or any special requests for cash withdrawals, must be solicited by you directly. Should such a need arise, do not hesitate to contact your investment adviser and count on our assistance to coordinate any such requests.

Consultiva has always sustained its commitment to providing services of the highest quality, cost-effectively, in a transparent manner and in an environment that is respectful of our clients, our employees and the regulatory framework in which we serve.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.



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